An Outline of English Phonetics by Daniel Jones, M.A.
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 An Outline of English Phonetics is one of the best known books ever written for foreign students of English. In this textbook Daniel Jones drew on his unrivalled knowledge of English pronunciation to provide for students a comprehensive, detailed and above all, practical introduction to English phonetics. The starting point is always a precise description of an English speech sound or a characteristic feature such a stress, rhythm or intonation, followed by advice on how to reproduce it an how to avoid common errors. Typical mistakes made by various language groups are identified in a detailed index. In addition to the wealth of practical advice on pronunciation An Outline of English Phonetics has much to say about the fundamentals of general phonetic theory and for this reason the book is widely used by students of all branches of linguistic science.  
Autor: Daniel Jones, M.A.
Editura: B. G. Teubner, W. Heffer&Sons LTD.
Tara: Germania
Anul: 1932
Pagini: 328
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Pret : 207.00 MDL
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