200 Best AD Photographers Worldwide 10/11
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Lurzer's Archive Special 200 Best Advertising Photographers 10/11 For 200 photographers, the economic crisis might well very soon be over, publication of the latest issue of “200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide” being certain to give a fresh boost to the career of those featured in this volume. Reactions following publication of the title, which this time numbers 420 pages, are always the same: newcomers are delighted to get the first jobs paying them more than just a token remuneration.

Old hands, meanwhile, get to be seen through new eyes. And those who are doing well anyway will get even more commissions, putting them in the enviable position of being able to cherry-pick the more interesting assignments. Readers getting their hands on one of the 30,000 copies will be no less thrilled by what they see. Of the more than 6,500 submissions from 49 countries, only a fraction satisfied the strict criteria applied by the jury. Of the 572 photographs selected, the majority were taken by the 111 photographers who had never previously managed to be included in an issue of “200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide.“ This means that art buyers and art directors, in particular, will find a wealth of new talents and new styles to give a fresh look to their upcoming campaigns.

Similarly, advertising and marketing directors will be inspired to think about how future campaigns for their own product might look. Once again, the quality of the work showcased in the volume has been assured by an absolutely top-notch jury.

Editura: Lurzer's Achive
Tara: Italia
Anul: 2011
ISBN 978-3-902393-10-4
Pagini: 420
Pret: 650.00 MDL
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